15 April 2010

Zimbabwe Update (Meta)

I have been following the comings and goings in Zimbabwe since Tsvangirai's election, subsequently stolen, as President in 2008.

At first, I did so because I thought that we could see a real game change and a peaceful transition from one of the nastier pieces of work on the African continent, Robert Mugabe.

This has not happened, largely because Mugabe does not care, but additionally because the surrounding community, in particular South Africa and its former President Thabo Mbeki, have been most accommodating to Mugabe and his Zanu-PF party.

I don't see this changing, and I have been posting about once a month because I feel guilty about not caring any more, which is a silly reason to post.

I have little knowledge of the area, nor of the complex social and political dynamics of the region, and honestly, little interest, just some guilt, so I'm throwing the towel in.

I would suggest the BBC and the Guardian for updates if you want them.


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