18 November 2009

There is A Meme Going Around Twitter

It appears that the Republicans are going to insist on having the whole healthcare bill read in the Senate.

The Dems have a team of speed readers standing by to do this, and there is a discussion on twitter as to whether we should give an hour to Christopher Walken or William Shatner to read the bill.

It's a fascinating concept.

I have two vids after the break to give a compare and contrast Shatner and Walken.

Feel free to add your take in the comments.
[on edit] Yes, Jack Nicholson should be included too.

[on further edit]James Earl Jones as Darth Vader might be a bit much.

Walken reading Lady GaGa's Poker Face

William Shatner's seminal I am a Canadian.

Nicholson, 5 Easy Pieces


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