29 October 2009

A Level of Class that You Would Never See Out of Bush and His Evil Minions

How will Fox call this Communist?
Or for that matter, his Dad, who instituted the shameful news blackout on the repatriation of the bodies of servicemen killed in action.

I have been disappointed about a lot of things, but his going to Dover Air Force Base to honor troops killed in Afghanistan is a demonstration of Menschlichkeit.

Bush Jr. spent his entire term avoiding things like this, because he's a coward with no integrity.

The picture on the left is him saluting* the men as they are transported off the transport

Video below.

*I know that this is a picayune observation, as this is a genuine show of respect, but I thought civilians weren't supposed to salute, could someone with military experience please inform me on the finer points?


Sortition said...

Saluting coffins is a poor substitute to bringing them home alive.

Matthew G. Saroff said...

Your mouth to Obama's ear.

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