21 October 2009

It's Away!!!!!

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I really look way too much like this Starwars dude

Yes, I know it was Red 9 who said that, but I look more like the fat pilot
Did you know that the Washington Post is having a, "America's Next Great Pundit," contest?

Well, I've heard of it, basically, after submitting an article, and going through a series of "run-offs" with other winners, you get a 13 article gig for the Post online at $200 an article.

You are supposed to start with an essay of less than 400 words and a bio/sales pitch of less than 100 words.

After one abortive attempt (it was too much about me, and I do not write well about me), I ended up revisiting some of my posts on recent Federal Reserve ass covering on consumer protection, where the Fed discovers that, in order to avoid getting boned in the battle between regulators in the new banking system, they need to pretend that they care about consumer protection.

You know, it's tough to imagine the Washington Post OP/ED hiring me, but they could do worse, by picking....Hmmmm.....I'll get back to you on that.

In any case, I can't publish this essay here, at least not until I get the news about whether it has been rejected or not, because the contest requires that, "I certify that I have perpetrated no fraud or deception in connection with my entry, that my Opinion Essay and my Paragraph above are my original work (created solely by me solely for participating in the Contest), and that neither my Opinion Essay nor my Paragraph have been published previously."

This is subject matter that I have written about before, but it is a completely new essay, and until the folks at WaPo tell me, "Sorry Charlie," I can't publish it here.

Then again, my regular reader(s) have already read most of the statements and the thesis, only spread around about a dozen short posts, with hyperlinks.

Which is true, I haven't


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