30 October 2009

Here's a Shocker

It appears that Bank of America and its subsidiary Countrywide Home Loans are routinely destroying mortgage documents:
Bank of America and Countrywide Home Loans destroyed mortgage documents, and "recreate" them by "insert(ing) data as they see fit," to cover up their own failure to keep records - or their fraud - according to a federal RICO class action.

"To cover up the servicing mistakes and fraud and misrepresentation in the servicing of a consumer escrow, Defendants 'recreate' letters, insert data as they see fit, and fail to produce the entire HUD complaint form. This way, a consumer is left in the dark about the fraud that occurred to them," the complaint states.

Lead plaintiff Kim Gorham says that when she sent a letter seeking information about her escrow account, she was informed that it had been "destroyed by a letter opener."

After repeated requests, Gorham, who is blind, received her purported escrow analysis, but it was "100 percent illegible," according to the complaint. The defendants knew that Gorham was legally blind, the complaint states.

She says that getting a "clear and concise" statement from the defendants has been an "impossible task."

Countrywide routinely responded to customers' requests for records by claiming they were "unavailable or destroyed," according to the complaint.
The lawsuit alleges that the records were destroyed, "in an attempt to suppress damaging information."

While not every lawsuit has merit, and a defendant should be presumed innocent, this certainly justifies a hearty, "Hoocoodanode?"

BoA will be paying for acquiring Countrywide for decades to come.


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