31 August 2009

The Very Modern Model of a Modern Republican Candidate

Republican Virginia gubernatorial candidate Robert McDonald mentioned in an interview with the Washington Post that he did a masters thesis on "welfare policy," and the Post went and did some real journalism: they went to the library at Regent University, Pat Robertson's diploma mill, which was called Christian Broadcasting Network University at the time that he filed his papers.

What they found was shocking, though not surprising:
  • Called working women "detrimental to the family".
  • Opposition to birth control.
  • Absolute ban on abortions, including where rape, incest, and the health of the mother are issues.
  • Covenant marriage (basically making divorces much more difficult).
  • Support for religious school vouchers.
  • Opposed tax breaks for child care expenses.
I am so not shocked that he is a right wing medieval nut job, but I think that some Virginia voters might be.

I'm shocked though that the Washington Post actually allowed real journalism to reach its pages. This article is positively brutal, and deservedly so.


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