23 March 2009

Netanyahu is Terrified of His Campaign Promises

Benyamin Netanyahu is aggressively pursuing a coalition with Labor, and strange as it sounds, it might happen because Ehud Barak really wants to stay on as head of the Defense Ministry, though some of his fellow Laborites are aghast at the prospect.

I would also take issue with one of the points that the author of the second link, Jeff Barak, has with Avigdor Lieberman being the Foreign Minister: It's actually one of the two positions where his positions are least likely to cause a problem, because his three basic planks are a two state solution (and as FM he won't get to draw those boundaries), hostility to the Arab population inside the Green Line, and staunch secularism.

I'd much rather see him being the Minister of Religious Services, but when all is said and done, the FM position keeps him away from internal Israeli politics.


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