23 March 2009

Governor Paterson Gets Clue

So, we now have a New York Post reporter breathlessly reporting that he is planning a "secret" tax hike on the rich.

Well, considering the fact that the Wall Street masters of the universe upon whom he hoped to fund his reelection bid are now less popular than either Dick Cheney or a case of the clap,* this is not surprising, though according to Dicker, Paterson wants to appear to be against the tax hikes while pushing them through, which indicates once again that he has the political instincts of Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, or a packet of Fleishmann's active dry yeast.*

My guess is that he's flailing around because the polls show him being crushed by Andrew Cuomo in the primary, and by Rudolph Guiliani in the general by numbers that exceed what a banker can supply to him by the way of campaign funds.

*For some reason, I always confuse the two.
I love it when I get to "twofer" footnotes.


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