24 October 2008

Eurocrats Looking at Massive Propaganda Campaign in Ireland

It looks like they are looking for another bite at the apple after the Irish referendum on the Lisbon Treaty went down in flames.

So, now we are seeing EU propoganda minister communication commissioner Margot Wallstrom suggesting what is needed is a major education campaign, but remember, don't actually talk about the treaty that is at issue:
"Whatever you do, you won't have in the end everybody reading a 400-page document," she said. "That's what MEPs are being paid for."
Better yet, don't have a 400 page constitution. The original constitution of the United States, including all amendments, is less than 15 pages.

You had people vote on a byzantinely complex document where no one, not even your vaunted MEPs understand the complete document.

That's enough reason to vote against it, because who knows what mischief, corruption, and self dealing lives in those pages.


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