15 July 2008

All Your Uterus Are Belong to Us

It appears that with only 6 months to go, Bush and His Evil Minions are doing their level best to make birth control unavailable a significannt portion of the US population.

First, they have now defined abortion as "anything that results in the termination of the life of a human being in utero between conception and natural birth, whether before or after implantation."

This would be many birth control pills, emergency contraception following a rape, and the IUD, in addition to a number of medications not normally used for contraception, but for which are likely to cause a failure to implant, or a spontaneous abortion.

What's more, any medical provider receiving money for a Health and Human Services Department program would have to, "sign written certifications", certifying that the would not, "will not refuse to hire nurses and other providers who object to abortion and even certain types of birth control." (see also here)

What's amazing is that Mr. "I don't listen to polls" HHS is using a poll, as opposed to the American Medical Association's definition of "abortion".

If you think that you can compromise with abortion-criminalization terrorists, you are wrong.

Their ultimate goal is to make all forms of birth control illegal in the United States of America.

Image courtesy of Feministing.


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