26 June 2008


We are getting some decent news now, specifically that MDC Secretary Tendai Biti was released on bail pending his treason charge, and Mugabe is suggesting negotiations following the runoff election.

Honestly, I don't see Mugabe backing down until he is dead or in custody though, particularly since he is insisting that the election, which he has turned into a bloody farce, should be held on schedule.

I'm not sure why Morgan Tsvangirai is walking away from his earlier call for armed peace keepers, but he is juxtaposing this with a 24-hour deadline to enter into good faith negotiations with him.

I think that Tsvangirai may be playing to Mugabe's allies in the ZANU-PF, with comments to the effect that Mugabe is "self-destructing".

The implication here is that if he does, then the rest of the ruling structure is at risk too.

It also appears that South Africa's ANC has finally be forced into doing the right thing, as they are finally condemning what is going on there.

My guess is that Nelson Mandela's calling the events in Zimbabwe a, "Tragic Failure of leadership", left them no other choice.


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