24 June 2008

And When We Talk About Rats Leaving a Sinking Ship

We cannot leave out the retirement of Leonard Downie Jr. as the Washington Post's Executive Editor, though I would argue that the WaPo is a sinking ship because of the aforementioned rat, as he not only piloted the Post into the ice berg, but has repeatedly backed up and run it into said block of ice again...and again...and again.

He will be out September 8.

As to what has happened to the Post, go to this link, and look for the phrase Washington Post Death Spiral Watch. Their OP/ED page gives the WSJ a run for its money on stupidity and lying, and their political coverage seems to have sprung full blown from Karl Rove's wet dreams.

It may be better when he's gone, but I doubt it. I think that Woodward and Bernstein's Watergate coverage was the exception, and not the rule, at the post, which has had a history of sucking up to the "very serious people" inside the beltway for a very long time.


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