20 December 2007

Conservatives Outsourcing Punditry to India

Time Magazine has decided not to renew the contracts with William Kristol or Charles Krauthammer.

If you are wondering if this means that there is an outbreak of sanity with Time's editor, the answer is no. They are in negotiations with Ramesh Ponnuru to write some OP/EDs for them.

It's pretty clear that they were pushed. Kristol is not talking, and Krauthammer has made it clear it was pushed:
“I was very happy to work with them,” said Mr. Krauthammer on the phone from his Washington office. “And I have a lot of things that occupy me.”

Asked if he would have preferred to stay with the magazine, Mr. Krauthammer, a Pulitzer Prize winner who writes a regular column for The Washington Post, suggested there wasn’t much of a choice. “It’s a hypothetical that didn’t arise,” he said.
(emphasis mine)

As to my little funny about, "outsourcing punditry to India", if the Wingnutosphere decides to get up in arms about it in an orgy of phony offensensitivity, that's fine with me. They are a bunch of inbred, knuckle dragging, drooling idiots.


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