19 November 2007

William Jefferson Charges Mount

Just to be clear, corruption is not a uniquely Republican activity, as is shown by way of Congressman William Jerfferson, who has two more allegations against him:
The allegations, detailed in a seven-page document filed in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, will not result in new charges, prosecutors said, but they plan to present them during Jefferson's federal bribery trial as evidence of a pattern of intentional wrongdoing.

In 2002, the government alleges, Jefferson asked a lobbyist of a U.S. oil service company for $10,000 a month for a family member in exchange for Jefferson's assisting the company in promoting business in Africa. The lobbyist turned down Jefferson's request, the document said.

Three years later, according to the filing, Jefferson allegedly agreed to urge NASA in a letter to consider doing business with a U.S. rocket technology and rocket launch services company. In exchange, the company allegedly agreed to pay Jefferson's family business and a relative.
Of course, when one looks at Cunningham, Ted Stevens, etc. this one guy does not seem to be all that much.

There are two reasons for the disparity:
  • From 1994-2006, the Democrats were in the minority.
  • Republicans believe that government is unmitigated evil, and as such, the path to bribery is easier, since they believe that they are already doing evil, so it's about power and wealth to begin with.
Jefferson was found with thousands of dollars in his freezer.


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