28 August 2007

It's Official, We Need to Abolish the Air Force

Or, as David Axe, of War is Boring puts it, Reason #817 Why the Air Force Sucks.

This a real quote from the real Air Combat Command chief Ronald Keys, "The hardest wars we fight are not on the battlefield, but the wars we fight in the halls of Congress. They are fought in the Pentagon, they are fought in these programs, to make sure the money is paid and eventually the program is operating."

That's our problem. The air force is not a bunch of soldiers, it's a bunch of f&^%ing K-street lobbiests.

Go read Axe's stuff...It has the some quotes from Air Force's counter-insurgency manual that are so stupid, you would think that Alberto Gonzalez would remember them.

One quote from Axe:
The Air Force bailed out of the potentially revolutionary UCAS killer drone program in order to buy a big new fleet of big new manned bombers for much more money. The service wants to prepare for an imaginary high-tech air war with China instead of fighting the dirty, low-tech wars we’re actually in. Why? Because high-tech superpower showdowns are what the Air Force knows. They’re easy. The low-tech approach to warfare, by contrast, requires patience and smarts, two things today’s Air Force lacks.
The independent air force was a bad idea.

Ironically, I considered joining the USAF, despite my myopia after I left high school.


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