23 December 2010

Waiting to Pee In a Cup

Well, I have managed to find a contract closer to home, so starting in January I will be working about 18 miles from home in Westminster, MD, where I will be working on autonomous robotic vehicles.

What it means at this moment is that over lunch, I am sitting in a waiting room in Reston, VA waiting to be called back for a drug screen.

Yes, fill this cup, we need to evaluate the worthiness of your bodily fluids. Now THERE is an experce that positively reeks of our society's tremendous respect for human dignity.

In any case, it means that I can be home with my family every night, so it is worth it.

It likely means less bloggy goodness from me, but my reader(s) will learn to deal.

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sohle said...

This is as good a time as any to wish you a happy New Year...  May the job be fulfilling and your home filled with laughter.

Matthew G. Saroff said...

Thanks, and back at you.

I'm going to be home 7 days a week, so I will be laughing a lot.

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