17 March 2016

Remember This Come Pledge Week

On her hand is the Celtic Cross, the logo for Stormfront, and NeoNazis throughout the world

On the other hand, "H H", as in, "Heil Hitler"

And you can get it on T-Shirts and Pillows
The PBS news hour did a warm fuzzy about how politically engaged some Trump supporters in North Caroline were deeply involving themselves in the political process.

Somehow, they missed the fact that this family was festooned with white supremacist tattoos:
Last night, PBS NewsHour ran a story on the Tilly family of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Tillys do not have a history of being active in politics, but various members of the family—both old and young—are being motivated to vote or work for a campaign for the first time by Donald Trump.

If you can put aside the fact that the Tillys are rallying behind Trump, this is a small but almost heartwarming story of a family choosing to engage with democracy. That’s also if you can put aside the fact that Grace, one of the central characters in the story, has large white power tattoos on each of her hands.
Someone at the News Hour has got a lot of explaining to do.

This sort of stuff is American Nazi 101, and I have no clue how everyone involved in this news report missed it.


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