21 June 2009

Father's Day Has Never Been a Big Thing for My Dad and Me

My mom was killed by a drunk driver when I was 14, so we've always made a bigger deal over "Mutha's Day," since he raised me from that point on.

I always call him on Mother's, and it's usually an overseas call, as he typically hits Europe that time of year.

I've been doing that for years.

We actually got together for a cookout today, though his and my step-mom's being here was about their annual trip out east for a conference in DC and not Father's day.

Neither of us remembered until my daughter, Natalie, made mention of it.

I did up lamb chops for everyone but Charlie, my son, who is not a big fan of meat, so I did a Cornish game hen for him.

Of course, I used my Indian spice rub and plum barbecue sauce.

We hung out, shot the breeze, he gave lots of advice (he is my dad, after all), and a good time was had by all.

My wife and kids are going out for ice cream in a bit.


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