16 May 2022

Gee, Ya Think?

It appears that Joe Biden is realizing that there will be no great bipartisan renaissance in Congress.

He had a front seat at the 8 years of absolute obstruction of Barack Obama, and he thought that he could bring back bipartisanship because ……… I dunno ……… Biden is not black, I guess?

He had a front seat at the Clinton impeachment as well, and he still thought that he could play nice with the barbarians at the gate.

To quote not-Tallyrand, this is worse than a crime, it is a mistake:

The fever didn’t break. And for the Biden White House, efforts at bipartisanship have finally taken a backseat.

To the frustration of many Democrats and some of his closest advisers, President Joe Biden has steadfastly spent more than a year in office insisting on trying to work across the aisle with Republicans.

It’s produced some notable legislative successes. But it’s also been colored by a fair dose of in-your-face GOP obstructionism. Now, more than a year later, Biden no longer believes that most Republicans will eventually drop their fealty to Donald Trump and show a willingness to engage. He himself admitted he was wrong.

“I never expected the ultra-MAGA Republicans who seem to control the Republican Party now to have been able to control the Republican Party,” the president said last week. “I never anticipated that happening.”

To many Democrats, the admission was long overdue. Even some in Biden’s orbit had been urging a far more aggressive response, according to four White House officials and Democrats close to the White House.

What took him so long?


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