02 April 2021

Support Your Local Police

It appears that the Santa Clara Police Officers Association is attempting to shake down local businesses.

Is it time to replace ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards) with ACAM  (All Cops Are Mobsters)?

In a move that seems straight out of a mafia playbook, the union representing Santa Clara’s police officers solicited donations from businesses in exchange for police department support.

In its “2021 Business Supporter” flyer, sent to local retailers, the Santa Clara Police Officers’ Association said, “Place our decal in your window, and we will direct our ‘FRIENDLY’S’’ to support you!”

The message appears to imply special treatment for those businesses displaying the decal after donating money to the union. The idea of the police department playing favorites based on donations contradicts claims that it values fairness and “will perform this service professionally and with integrity.

Santa Clara Councilmember Anthony Becker expressed alarm over the flyer.

“I want answers to what they mean by ‘friendly’s,’” Becker said. “If they aren’t paying in, are you not going to protect them? Why would you put that on your flyer if you’re not going to really mean something out of it?”

The debacle led to Santa Clara City Hall releasing a statement saying donations made to the police union “are not related to the level of police service received.”


Another question raised by the flyer is what the requested donations will be used for. Union president Alex Torke publicly said donations made during annual campaigns are “deposited in a distinct account that is used strictly for donations to charities and charitable causes.” However, some speculate the money might be leveraged to influence elections or political causes.

“You can see…how they have used the money in the past,” said a Santa Clara City Hall insider who asked for anonymity. “A lot of their money has been used towards the PACs for political purposes.”

[Councilman Anthony] Becker said he would like to see a full accounting by the union of its budget.

“They don’t divulge they fund political candidates during elections,” Becker said. “I think they need to be a little more transparent about where that money’s going…and who they’re supporting with it. I’d really like to see that money going towards things we need, not political agendas.”

Becker claims some businesses told him they were directed by the police to not display his political signs during the last election cycle. 

When the cops are racketeers.

It's rather more common than one would like to think.


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