06 April 2021

He May Be the Must Repugnant Member of the Democratic Party Establishment (There Is No Democratic Party Establishment) Today

No, not Joe Manchin, nor even the twisted wannabe punk Kyrsten Sinema.

I am talking, of course about Rahm Israel Emanuel, a politician so contemptible that he was run out of the Chicago Mayor's office on a rail.

There seems to be no level of evil and stupidity he won't support, so now he's cast his lot against raising the minimum wage, which is arguably the most beneficial, and is certainly the most politically popular policy initiative in the United States today:

As disgraced former Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel reportedly keeps floating his name for a Biden administration appointment, he is recycling an old Republican plan to let states opt out of a higher minimum wage. Now, he is slated to headline the annual conference of one of the major corporate lobbying groups fighting against congressional Democrats’ $15 minimum wage legislation.

The National Restaurant Association, the lobbying group which led the fight to block a minimum wage increase in the COVID-19 relief bill passed last month, will be hosting Emanuel as a keynote speaker for the group’s virtual conference on April 20, an event entitled: “Seeking Unity: Conversations on How We Can Come Together.”

The speaking slot follows Emanuel’s Washington Post op-ed last month arguing that omitting a minimum wage increase from the American Rescue Plan was not a big deal, and asserting that Democrats should work with Republicans on a plan that does not guarantee $15 nationwide.

He's always wrong, he's not particularly competent, and he's a bully.

Why is he not flipping burgers at minimum wage for a living?


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