04 March 2021

Why the Hell Haven't I Been Banned from Twitter?

Seems bannable to me

In response to a Tweet from Steve Scalise (R-LA) wherein he expressed, "Outrage," over the House of Representatives passing a bill to make it easier for people to vote, I replied, "And I am outraged that James Hodgkinson was not a better shot."

James Hodgkinson, as you probably already know, was the left-wing gunman who opened fire on a baseball practice being conducted by Congressional Republicans, severely wounded Representative Scalize. (He nearly died, both from the immediate effects of the shooting, and later from a post operative infection.)

Not only am I still on Twitter, but I haven't even been called an asshole.

At least this time, unlike the last time, I will actually have done something meriting a banning.   (Last time, it was (I think, I never got an answer) for using the term "Wymyn" as a part of a joke.)

You have to love automated content moderation, where things like discussions of chess get flagged as hate speech.


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