11 March 2021

One of Teddy Kennedy's Worst Legacies Ends

The Blue Hashed Bit

After literally years of obstruction by Edward M (Ted) Kennedy, it looks like will finally be constructing a wind farm off the coast of Martha's Vineyard.

He had objections to the project, because it was visible from the Kennedy compound.

I consider Kennedy's legacy to be quite positive, but this piece of it I am very glad to see go:

The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) has issued its long-awaited final environmental impact study (FEIS) for the Vineyard Wind project off Massachusetts, which will be the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in federal waters.

BOEM is leaning towards a preferred alternative that would combine several of the development options examined in the draft EIS. The preferred option would allow Vineyard Wind to build the desired 800 MW wind farm, but with 84 larger GE Haliade-X turbines instead of 100 smaller MHI Vestas turbines; no turbines in the northernmost portion of the lease site; and north-south / east-west row alignment with one nautical mile spacing between foundations. These terms broadly align with the parameters submitted by Vineyard Wind itself in its construction and operations plan (COP).

The study paves the way for a formal record of decision on Vineyard Wind's EIS review, and it will almost certainly result in a permit approval matching BOEM's preferred alternative option. As such, it represents a landmark victory for the developer and for the U.S. offshore wind industry, which has been closely watching the permitting process for this pace-setting development.
About damn time.


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