05 January 2021

It's Runoff Election Night in Georgia

Right now, the Republicans are up by about 2% but the folks at the New York Times are calling a slight advantage the the Democrats, because Atlanta is coming in late, and the mail in ballots largely come from Democratic leaning counties.

Of note, Warnock is out-performing Ossoff on the Democratic side by about 1%, despite the fact that Ossoff spent a lot more money, and the fact that Warnock is a Black man running in Georgia.

But Ossoff still is under-performing Warnock despite having raised and spent more money.

Ossoff has run the most expensive House AND the most expensive Senate race in history, but has failed to deliver.

Still, the consultants get their vigorish, so even if he comes up short again, he'll still be the golden boy, because he pays the bills of the Democratic Party establishment (There is no Democratic Party establishment).

I do hope that they both win though, if just to own Mitch McConnell.


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