06 December 2011


Last night, I posted about what I though was a seriously cheeky and inventive way of tweaking the cops at Occupy Melbourne.

People wore tent costumes as a protest on the ban on tents.

What was the police response?

They stripped down a woman to her underwear in public, cutting her clothes off.

There are any number of people who give good justification to be called pigs.

You have, politicians (Newt, I mean you), sports figures (too many to name), reality TV stars (I try not to know their names), actors, musicians, the guy who cut me off in traffic today, overly aggressive telemarketers, etc.

This does not make all of these people pigs, it just makes the pigs who have those jobs pigs.

Well, these, "4 Melbourne City Council officers and 8 Victorian police officers," are pigs.

I would not piss on them if they were on fire.

I hope Karma is real for these folks.


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