10 July 2018

Oh Dear Lord, This Is Not The Onion!

The Washington Post just published this OP/Ed:
I Don’t Know Kavanaugh the Judge. But Kavanaugh the Carpool Dad Is One Great Guy.
First, let me say that the misuse of periods in the headline are from the original, though I corrected capitalization.

Second, this is some random mom in the DC suburbs raving about the job that he does coaching a 6th grade girls' basketball team.

I've done a quick Google, and I haven't found any Republican connections.

She appears to be a designer (web and interior design) and a neighbor of the nominee, and honestly, I don't see anything wrong with her "article".

It's a completely run-of-the-mill letter to the editor by a friend.

On the other hand, the fact that the failed middle school science project that is Fred Hiatt's editorial board published this as a full blown editorial is truly, and thoroughly, screwed up.

Freddy ……… You really need to spend more time with your family.


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