26 August 2008

Funny Strange, Not Funny Ha Ha

Mithras notes:
Know What's Funny?
Upper middle class white liberal bloggers who think that their political opinions matter to people trying to win an election. That is really funny.
Actually, I've now thought of something even funnier (again, funny strange, not funny ha ha): Why upper class white conservative pundits keep trying to give electoral advice to Democrats.

As to my giving advice to anyone, this upper middle class Jewish blogger's opinions don't even matter to my Sharon*....And they matter to my 11 year old daughter even less, but she takes after her mother at her age.

My almost 9 year old son though, he cares what I think....but we are both science geeks, and we talk science, and I am an engineer.....But he keeps asking me about things like quantum entanglement (really), and I have to tell him, "call uncle Stephen, he's the physicist."

Actually, they all respect my cooking skills though, which is some consolation.

*Love of my life, light of the cosmos, she who must be obeyed, my wife.


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