28 June 2008

New Israeli Anti-Kassam Missile System

The system is called David's Sling (paid subscription required), and it makes no sense at all.

The system's features:
  • A "Stunner" interceptor missile, with two stages and a 3 pulse motor for the interceptor.
  • David's sling has it's own radar.
  • Stunner has two seekers, a radar and an infrared seeker for terminal homing (see funky nose profile below)
  • Potential integration with Rafael's Spyder air defense system.
  • A maximum range from 180 to 300 km.
  • A blast-fragmentation warhead.
  • Detection to intercept of 38 seconds.
So, you've got a missile that weighs somewhere north of 500 pounds (bottom pic for scale), and will probably cost something well north of $¼ million a piece, and they will use it to intercept Kassams and Katyushas that cost something less than $100 and $1000 each respectively.

That's sounds like a really good trade....not.


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