28 March 2008

Economics Update

In honor of March Madness:

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You may recall that Monoliner insurer FGIC having problems. Now it is saying that was saying that it would not honor its insurance contract withCredit Agricole SA and IKB Deutsche Industriebank, because they deceived the insurers about their financial health.

Seeing as how IKB seems to be facing villagers with torches, this may very well be true.

It's in court.

And of course, because it's a day of the week ending with "y", the Federal Reserve is giving away another $100 billion to the banks.

No wonder noted bear, and Oppenheimer analyst Meredith Whitney is predicting that Citi will be cutting its dividend again soon.

In economic matters for the rest of us, personal income did better than expected, but personal spending remained weak, and the head of Freddie Mac is saying that he does not expect recovery in house prices until 2010.

I say that he is an optimist. The regional crashes we have seen, which have been much less severe, have all lasted at least 5 years, which puts the date at 2012, though I would take 2015 in the over/under in non-inflation adjusted dollar terms.

I don't think that we will be back to the 2006 highs adjusted for inflation in my lifetime.

And in the world of collapsing economic institutions, we have former sub-prime lender Fremont General ordered to find a buyer by the FDIC, in addition to restricting interest it can pay to depositors, payments to senior executives, and transfers to its parent company.

This does make the fact that the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight has told Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that they are free to raise another $20 billion a bit nonsensical.

The taxpayers will end up on the hook for all of this.


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