06 June 2020

Some People Only Live to Hate

Case in point, the Liberty Counsel, a right wing Christo-Fascist group who is trying to get all references to the LGBTQ from the anti-lynching bill in the Senate, because without their hate, they would have nothing.
Congress is finally close to passing a bill that makes lynching a hate crime — but an evangelical group is trying to remove any reference to LGBTQ communities from the legislation.

When the Senate unanimously passed the Justice for Victims of Lynching Act in December, it marked an important step in a roughly century-long effort to outlaw the practice at the federal level. But before the House begins considering its version of the legislation, the Liberty Counsel, an evangelical litigation group, is calling for the bill to be stripped of language that refers to gender identity or sexual orientation.
It's no wonder that the SPLC has labeled the group a hate group some time back.

That's pretty much their entire reason for existence.


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