03 August 2018

Jeremy Corbyn DIDN'T Berate a Holocaust Survivor, Which Makes Him an Antisemite

No, I'm not joking here.  The Blairites and the Tories claiming that the fact that Jeremy Corbyn did not verbally attack a Holocaust survivor makes him an antisemite, which, even by the standards of British politics, is what one would technically called fakakte:
Oh no, look how antisemitic he is NOW. It turns out Corbyn sat on a platform with a Jewish Holocaust survivor, who compared Israel’s behaviour to that of the Third Reich. Corbyn says he disagrees with him, but that’s not enough, he should have decked the twat. The fact that Corbyn didn’t even yell abuse at him proves he’s antisemitic.

Because this man, Hajo Meyer, said that having been through his unimaginable trauma, he couldn’t bear to see appalling acts carried out in the name of the Israeli state, and this seems to have led him to conclusions that aren’t accurate. Maybe we should cut the bloke some slack, what with him having been at Auschwitz. But that would make you an ANTISEMITE, because if you care about Jews you tell Holocaust survivors: “We’ve all had problems in life, mate, now shut your mouth and get your facts straight.”


Luckily, other newspapers have been more measured, such as The Times which asked: “Why can’t Corbyn see antisemitism staring him in the face?” It is a puzzle why some people can’t see antisemitism staring them in the face. Sometimes antisemitism is much more subtle, such as when The Sunday Times employed David Irving – but his antisemitism was discreet, having only written a series of books in praise of Hitler and denying the Holocaust, not like those people whose antisemitism stares you in the face.


And the Conservative Party are genuinely appalled by it all, which is why they would never allow their prominent members to associate with an anti-Semite. Instead Boris Johnson has been meeting Trump’s ex-spokesman Steve Bannon, who gives his support to inclusive liberal groups such as the English Defence League, and wrote on his website: “Hell has no fury like a Polish elite American Jew.”

Bannon certainly wouldn’t attract an antisemitic following. It’s true that among the comments on his website are such messages as “Heil Hitler”, but it would take an expert historian to find traces of antisemitism in that.
Is there a problem with antisemitism in the Labour Party?

Yes, of course there is.

Is it worse than that of the UK as a whole, or Boris "Dances with Breitbart" Johnson ?

F%$# if I know.


Stephen Montsaroff said...


But here's a question, how would applying the criteria you advocate in Eastern Europe to British Parties?


Matthew Saroff said...

The criteria that I advocate in Eastern Europe is not to put up memorials to, or name streets after, genocidal Nazi collaborators.

I wholeheartedly support applying the same standard to Labour.

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