14 July 2018

Silly Rabbit, Party Unity is a One Way Street

Have you noticed the pattern?

The Democratic establishment calls for unity, and then, once one of their own loses a primary, they they do their level best to sabotage the the winner in the general election:
Longtime Democrat Nancy Floreen launched an independent bid for Montgomery County executive on Wednesday, calling the Republican and Democratic nominees for the office “flawed extremes” and urging residents of the affluent and liberal suburb “to put principle and pragmatism above purely party politics.”

Montgomery’s 1 million residents have not chosen a non-Democrat to the top political job since 1974. But Floreen, an at-large council member, has been elected countywide four times. She could be a formidable opponent for Democratic nominee Marc Elrich, a progressive with strong union backing who also holds an at-large council seat and has supported rent-control laws and charging impact fees to developers.

“I am determined to give Montgomery County a third, independent choice come November,” Floreen said in a statement explaining her decision to drop her longtime Democratic affiliation to run as an independent.


Elrich narrowly defeated Potomac businessman David Blair in the June 26 Democratic primary, a six-way contest that was not decided until late Sunday after provisional and absentee ballots were counted.


Throughout the primary campaign, business leaders expressed concerns about Elrich, saying he would prioritize the social safety net and holding developers accountable over boosting economic development and improving the county’s business climate.


But former Rockville Mayor Rose Krasnow, who also sought the Democratic nomination for county executive, said she will back Floreen, whom she described as best positioned to lead the county at a time of tepid growth when, some say, businesses and residents are moving elsewhere because of high costs.

“I understand the idea that we should all support the Democrat, but I’m really worried about the future of our county,” Krasnow said.

The business leaders supporting Floreen include Bob Buchanan, chairman of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corp., who said this week that she is “a person the business community has come to rely on.”
(emphasis mine)

The (small d) democratic process is all well and good, but they need the campaign donations from the real estate developers.

This is pathetic.


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