18 June 2018

I Blame the Editors

It's Called Google
SE Cupp published an OP/ED in the New York Times because ……… I don't know why really ……… I think that it's either a rather bizarre form of performance art from the Times editors, or if it's because they have some sort of affirmative action program for stupid conservatives.

What is interesting about her OP/Ed (no link, for reasons which will become obvious) is that it it prominently features one, "Amy Maurer, a 43-year-old well-educated suburban mom in Kenosha, Wis.," who were aggressively targeted by the Clinton campaign.

One small thing though, Ms. Maurer is not just a well educated Soccer mom, she is the corresponding secretary for the executive committee of the Republican Party of Kenosha County.

Hilary Clinton's campaign may have had mind boggling levels of incompetence, but even they weren't wasting resources going after Republican Party cadres.

Gee, I wonder why Amy was spewing Republican talking points when she was talking to the Heritage Foundation's Salena Zito, who Cupp sites copiously in article.

The New York Times really needs to hire a fact checker for their editorial page.

H/t Atrios.


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