07 June 2017


Someone is unwilling to learn from their mistakes
For a number of years now, the International Energy Agency(IEA) has published its predictions for the future, and every year they say that solar is done.

I'm wondering how many former oil industry types work there:
Every year the International Energy Agency publishes the World Energy Outlook, which, among other things, forecasts the growth rate of solar PV installations. The 2016 edition even included a whole “special focus” on renewable energy. Presumably this means they took an extra careful look at their solar PV forecast. Here it is:

That looks…odd, doesn’t it? Solar PV has grown at a pretty fast clip over the past decade, but the IEA assumes the growth rate will suddenly level out starting this year and then start to decline. And this is their optimistic scenario that takes into account pledges made in Paris.
Considering that it was originally founded to ensure reliable fossil fuel supplies, it should come as no surprise that they are dismissive of renewable energy sources.

Basically, this is "Hey, you kids, get off of my lawn!"


Stephen Montsaroff said...

Some evidence beyond character assassination by implication would help make the case. Mind no one takes the IEA seriously.

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