25 April 2017

Almost, but Not Quite a Stopped Clock Moment

The reliably wrong "Very Serious Person" (VSP) Matthe Yglesias,  is justified in his condemnation of Obama's $400,000 payday Wall Street speech, but his statement that this, "Will undermine everything he believes in," is wrong on a number of levels.

First, there is no way to determine what any public figure truly believes, so couching this in those terms is wrong, and second any examination of the Obama administration would lead one to conclude that his public acts had the effect of pleasing and protecting the "Malefactors of Great Wealth", (Timothy Geithner, anyone?) and this action is consistent with his behavior while in office.*

The revolving door, and people cashing in after their time in his administration, were a fixture in his two terms of office, and this, along with his policies, are entirely consistent with his paid speaking gig.

I agree with Yglesias that it's sleazy as hell, but I tend to find it consistent with his actual behavior, and not at odds with what he did as President.

*Note the difference between Yglesias comment and mine.  I talk about the effects, and do not imply that I know the the inner dialogue of Obama and his Evil Minions.


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