06 March 2017

Could I Have this Translated Please?

In the Telegraph, they had a headline that is uniquely British:
More Than 600 Health QUANGO Chiefs on Six-Figure Salaries amid NHS Cash Crisis
The translation is as follows:
Now that the Conservatives have privatized much of the British National Health Service, not only is there no money, but much of what there is is being wasted on overpaid executives.
 QUANGO stands for, "Quasi-Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization".

Basically, it's where you screw the taxpayers, and make your friends rich(er) by privatizing essential government services, creating private profits and poorer services: (1£= about $1.22)
More than 600 NHS quango chiefs are now on six-figure salaries, with a doubling in the number earning more than the Prime Minister in just three years, new figures show.

Many of the highest earners have made repeated demands on the Government to increase NHS funding as it battles against its worst financial deficit in history.

But figures uncovered by the Telegraph, show that the nine main health quangos are now employing 628 officials on salaries of at least £100,000.

They include 93 taking home more than Theresa May’s £149,440 salary - up from 48 at their predecessor bodies three years earlier.

Among the highest paid is the NHS deputy medical director, earning around £225,000 a year.

Dr Jonathan Fielden is currently suspended from work and banned from contact with patients, after being arrested on suspicion of voyeurism.

The findings come as the NHS attempts to make £22 billion in savings. On Friday Simon Stevens, who earns around £195,000, said the NHS needed more money. He told an audience: "We do need capital; we’ve said that from the get go.”

His plea came the day after the Chief Inspector of Hospitals, Prof Sir Mike Richards, who is paid around £240,000, said the health service was standing on a “burning platform”.

And last year Jim Mackey, who earns between £215,000 and £220,000 as head of another watchdog, NHS Improvement, spoke of how he believed there was “a door open” at the Treasury , saying the NHS needed to “get our case together” to get more funds.

Patients groups said the scale of the spending on salaries was “truly shocking” and “eyewatering”.
While this is going on, medical professionals are increasingly underpaid, and so are fleeting the system, but the top 1% has got to get their vig.

The Tories are trying to run the NHS like a business: Burn it down for the insurance money.

Working for the public good has been replaced by looting, and we see this in the United States as well.


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