13 December 2016

F%$# Me. I Agree with the Inverted Traffic Cone Again………

Obviously, the devil is in the details, but Trump's proposal for a lifetime ban on defense contractors hiring Pentagon contracting officials is a pretty good idea, though a lifetime ban is likely to be unenforceable, based on my knowledge of non-compete clauses, though I must offer the caveat that I am an engineer, not an employment attorney, dammit!*
President-elect Donald Trump has put forth the idea of banning the defense industry from hiring former Pentagon contracting officials, just days after creating a stir in the defense industry by saying Boeing's contract for an Air Force One replacement should be cancelled.

According to a Reuters news service report, Trump told a rally in Baton Rouge, Louisiana that "I think anybody that gives out these big contracts should never ever, during their lifetime, be allowed to work for a defense company, for a company that makes that product."

He added he would "check this out" before making any final decisions, but went on to slam the F-35 joint strike fighter program as "totally, totally, like, uncontrollably over budget."
I think that this is in response to Northrop Grumman hiring a former USAF Chief of Staff, one who was in charge when N-G was selected as the won the B-21 bomber contract, was named to their board of directors.

Also: the devil is in the details:
  • What about subcontractors?
  • What is to prevent companies from swapping their appointments?
  • What is a big contract?
  • Does this just apply to the uniform military, or civilian Pentagon employees as well?
  • At what level does this apply?
Also, as I noted at the beginning, the legal issues are a complete hairball, and would likely end up in the courts.

*I love it when I get to go all Dr. McCoy!


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