05 September 2016

Skewered on Morton's Fork

So the choice for people voting in swing states is to vote for an incoherent reality TV star who has declared bankruptcy numerous times, or vote for the candidate courting the endorsement of the worst American war criminal of the 20th century:
Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been seeking the endorsement of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and their efforts may pay off, as there are reports that he is expected soon, alongside former Secretary of State George Schultz, to issue a joint endorsement of Clinton.

While those inside the national security community in Washington, D.C., may applaud the endorsement, Kissinger’s legacy of war crimes — from complicity in the 1973 coup in Chile to spearheading the saturation bombing of Indochina — has made him far less popular among human rights observers.

Clinton is well aware of that legacy. As secretary of state, she traveled to areas of the world that were devastated by policies Kissinger crafted and implemented.
It's like a choice between Caligula and Nero. 

Nero is the clear choice, but still ………


Stephen Montsaroff said...

That is not Morton's fork.

Morton's fork is: those living in luxury obviously had money to spare and those living frugally must have accumulated savings to be able to pay.

You might mean Buridan's Ass -- in a negative sense.

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