04 June 2016

Today In Idiocy

1,014 Miles Distance Might Explain the Coverage
Over at Tablet Magazine,Yair Rosenberg wonders what sort of liberal antisemitism makes The New York Times condemn single sex hours at a Brooklyn swimming pool for Orthodox Jews, but say nothing at all about a similar program for Muslims in Minneapolis.

Ummmm....Here is a clue: One happened in Minneapolis, the other in Brooklyn. Why would the New York Times would take more interest in one than the other?

Perhaps because one is happening in New York, the Times home town and the other is happening a about 1,014 miles away as the crow flies?

Mr. Rosenberg, were you dropped on your head as a youth?


Stephen Montsaroff said...

Ah, consistency has a range effect.

Matthew Saroff said...

No, I am suggesting that the Times not writing about something happening in at a swimming pool in Minneapolis is because it's in Minneapolis, and that it is writing about something in Brooklyn because it is in Brooklyn.

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