01 June 2016

The Secret Allure of the Sharing Economy

You can form a big company and create pseudo free agents who are free to be bigots:

This is a story of an Airbnb experience I recently went through. I met this awesome lady Crissie in my Facebook group. Super nice lady, successful business owner, beautiful family, and they live in a small town in Idaho.

Crissie would post these amazing videos of the land and the snow, and the mountains and trees, and I told her one day I would come visit.

It‘s so absolutely beautiful there!


I like my space when I travel, and thought it would be fun to find a cool cabin.


Everything was set! As usual, I included a bit of info about myself on the Airbnb listing to put the host at ease


First response: Dang! No luck, even though the dates were available all of a sudden, the host said she was going to use the place.


No biggie, I’m really flexible. Crissie told me late June is good as well, so I rebooked for June.

CANCELLED! Well damn. So it wasn’t really the dates—the host cancelled my new request and ignored all future messages.

So I had a white friend book for my same dates, and all of a sudden her plans changed back. Approved immediately!
There are some similar stories and links described at the article.

I rather expect to find the same thing in all the similar apps.

My guess is that a black man finds getting an Uber or Lyft just as hard as finding an old fashioned taxi.

In fact, it might be harder, because there is no taxi commission collecting data on fares and origination and destination points.

That's why this sh%$ needs real regulation with teeth.


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