05 May 2016

The Only Opinion that Matters ……… Except Maybe his Own

Stephen Colbert just gave major props to Larry Wilmore for his White House Correspondents Dinner speech:

Last night Stephen Colbert opened his monologue with that 'phone call.'

"Now personally, I thought Larry gave a great speech, that did not let the President or the press off the hook, And I am confident that Larry will receive the ultimate recognition for his work — never being invited back."

He also addressed the end of Larry's speech, which if you have ever watched The Nightly Show you know was not a racial slur or insult. But leave it to Colbert to put it in perspective.

"There was a little controversy, a moment at the end where Larry said the n-word. It was shocking, but it did lay the groundwork for President Trump to say it next year.”
That sound you hear is a mic dropping.


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