10 May 2016

I Gotta Find Another Metaphor, This Is the 3Rd Time in as Many Days That I Am Referring To, "A Bagfull of Cats"

This time, I am referring to Ted Cruz, who is making noises about reentering the primary race:
Ever since Ted Cruz dropped out of the Republican presidential race last week, Glenn Beck and his co-hosts have been holding on to a sliver of hope that if Cruz could still somehow manage to win today's Republican primary in Nebraska, that would convince the Texas senator to unsuspend his campaign and re-enter the race.

Today, Cruz called into Beck's radio program and Beck's co-host Pat Gray directly asked Cruz about this possibility.

"If Nebraska were to somehow miraculously choose you tonight," Gray asked, "if that happened, would you consider getting back in the race?"

Cruz responded that he would certainly be open to that admittedly slight possibility.




H/t Charlie Pierce.


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