10 April 2016

Bill Clinton Tried for Another Sistah Soulja Moment

Yes Bernie, He Does Owe Us an Apology
I'm sure that all of you read about Bill Clinton's confrontation with Black Lives Matter protestors:
Former President Bill Clinton on Thursday faced down protesters angry at the impact his 1994 crime reforms have had on black Americans and defended the record of his wife, Hillary Clinton, who is relying on the support of black voters in her quest for the presidency.

The former president spent more than 10 minutes confronting the protesters at a campaign rally in Philadelphia for his wife over criticisms that the crime bill he approved while president led to a surge in the imprisonment of black people.

The Democratic race for the Nov. 8 election has become increasingly heated as Hillary Clinton, stung by a string of losses in state contests, has traded barbs with her rival for the party's nomination, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, over who is better prepared for the White House.

In Philadelphia, several protesters heckled the former president mid-speech and held up signs, including one that read: "CLINTON Crime Bill Destroyed Our Communities."


Bill Clinton, 69, who was president from 1993 to 2001, defended her 1994 remarks, which protesters say were racially insensitive, and suggested the protesters' anger was misplaced.

"I don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other African-American children," he said, shaking his finger at a heckler as Clinton supporters cheered, according to video of the event. "Maybe you thought they were good citizens. She (Hillary Clinton) didn't."

"You are defending the people who kill the lives you say matter," he told a protester. "Tell the truth."
The worst thing here is not that Bill Clinton has lost his sh%$. It's that he hasn't lost his sh%$.

It has been clear that the Clinton campaign has realized that their attempts to present themselves as being progressive are not working.

They have been tacking right for the past few weeks, and this is Bill Clinton trying for another Sistah Soulja moment, wherein he reinforces his position with rich and comfortable white people by sh%$#ing all over black people.

Much like his crime bill and his disastrous welfare reform, when the Clintons are politically threatened, they throw minorities under the bus.


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