09 March 2016

India Can Go Cheney Itself

India is taking the US to the WTO over the increase in fees for H1B visas:
India has complained to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) about the United States' decision to increase visa application fees.

The USA last year doubled the fee required to apply for an H1-B visa, a class of temporary visa for skilled workers. Fees rose to US4,000 per application.

Indian technology companies have complained long and loud about the cost of H1-B visas, arguing that they need to bring workers from India to the USA to grow their businesses. US businesses retort that Indian companies could hire locals with comparable skills, but prefer to import people who they pay lower wages.


India's now formally complained to the WTO, which sets the clock ticking on a 60-day mediation process. If nothing can be resolved, the WTO can rule on the dispute.
If I had my druthers, I'd shut the whole program down.

It's rife with abuse, and depresses wages in technical fields in the United States.


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