09 February 2016

Feeling the Bern

Both Bernie Sanders and the Donald Trump won big in New Hampshire, with Sanders ahead by 21% (with 82% reporting), and Trump leading by 19%.

Both Sanders and Trump outperformed the most recent polls by a bit.

I will note that this is a different time from 1992, when Bill Clinton came in 2nd in New Hampshire, because he was so far ahead in fund raising that Paul Tsongas was simply unable to compete in the later primaries and caucuses, particularly Super Tuesday.

Largely due to Act Blue and similar internet related institutions, Sanders has the financial wherewithal to continue on and to compete a number of simultaneous races, particularly given his campaign's significantly smaller burn (Bern?) rate, which means that his cash on hand is in pretty good shape.

On the 'Phant side, Kasich came in a solid 2nd, which sets him up to be the next establishment Republican "Great White Hope".


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