13 December 2015

Sharia Law in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

It looks like the religious nut-jobs in the Murfreesboro district attorney's office have turned a personal tragedy into an The Handmaiden's Tale by charging a woman who attempted to abort her fetus with first degree murder:
A woman who attempted to perform an abortion with a coat hanger six months into her pregnancy has been indicted on a first-degree attempted murder charge, Murfreesboro Police reported.

Anna Yocca, 31, of 1939 Swindon Circle, was arrested Wednesday at Juvenile Court by Detective Tommy Roberts after the December session of the Rutherford County grand jury issued an indictment on the charge, according to the report. An employee at the Amazon fulfillment center in Lebanon, she was booked into jail on a $200,000 bond.

Roberts began investigating the case in September when evidence showed Yocca went to her upstairs bathroom, filled the tub with water, got in and tried to "self-abort" her pregnancy using a coat hanger, the report shows.

She became "alarmed and concerned for her safety" when she saw a great deal of blood in the tub, and her boyfriend took her to St. Thomas Rutherford Hospital emergency room. From there, she was transported to St. Thomas Mid-Town in Nashville where staff members saved "Baby Yocca," the report shows.
This is the world that anti-abortion forces want.

We've already seen a woman jailed to compel her to carry her fetus to term, a woman charged with murder for taking an abortion drug, prosecuting a mother for helping her daughter obtain an abortion, and passing laws making some miscarriages murder, among other cases in the past few years.

These folks won't be satisfied until every woman in America is back in chains.

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The irony here is that a few years back, Murfreesboro was trying to prevent a mosque from being built in the area.

Taliban, Talibaptist, there is no difference.


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