08 November 2015

Jeremy Corbyn Goes There

He just (rightly, IMNSHO) accused Britain's Chief of the Defence Staff General Nicholas Houghton of attempting to meddle in civilian politics:
British Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn accused the country's armed forces chief on Sunday of taking sides in the hot button political issue of overhauling Britain's nuclear weapons program.

Gen. Nicholas Houghton earlier on Remembrance Sunday, when Britain commemorates its war dead, said he was "worried" by Corbyn's vow never to press the "nuclear button".

Corbyn issued a statement expressing "serious concern" over Houghton's statement, calling on Defence Secretary Michael Fallon to "take action."

"It is a matter of serious concern that the chief of the defence staff has today intervened directly in issues of political dispute," said Corbyn, who is opposed to a revamp of Britain's nuclear weapons system, Trident.

"It is essential in a democracy that the military remains politically neutral at all times," said the Labour leader.
Corbyn is right, of course, Houghton's behavior is unacceptable in a democracy, particularly when juxtaposed with long time rumors of military preparations for a coup in 1974.

One hopes that Houghton will learn his lesson, and shut the f%$# up.


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