19 August 2015

What Is Depressing Is That This Isn't Even the Craziest Thing Said by a Republican This Week

The craziest Mother f%$#er in the Republican Presidential contest ……… No, the other one, ……… No, the other one, ……… No, not Donald Trump.

OK, it's Ben Carson, alright?

Well, the other day, he was talking immigration, and he suggested that we should use missile strikes to secure the border against illegal immigration:
Another day. Someone else surges near the top of the polls. Another nutball comes to the border and loses his mind. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present your current second-place contestant in the Republican presidential derby.
On Wednesday morning, Carson responded to a question about whether he would be open to the possibility of drone strikes on American soil to secure the border. "The take home point is this. We have excellent military leaders," he said. "We need to employ their expertise because this is a war we are fighting. That's the bottom line."
Look out, El Paso. Sometimes, mistakes are made. Sorry about that junior high that used to be there.
It's batsh%$ insane, it's needlessly cruel, and it is is a relentlessly bigoted demonization of the other, but it's not as bad as deliberately accusing mothers of poisoning their children for free rent.


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