21 July 2015

Oh, Please!

The police in the Freddie Gray murder are now claiming that their statements were extracted under duress, because they felt that their jobs were on the line:
Three of six Baltimore police officers charged in the death of Freddie Gray argued in court filings this week that they provided statements to police investigators under duress because they feared losing their jobs.

Two of the officers said that when investigators asked them to provide statements about the circumstances surrounding Gray's arrest, they were led to believe they were doing so as witnesses — not as suspects.

Another said she provided a statement without being advised of her Miranda rights, then was ordered to return five days later to be read her rights and provide another statement.

Now those statements are key evidence in the case. Defense attorneys for Lt. Brian W. Rice, Officer William G. Porter and Sgt. Alicia D. White — all charged with manslaughter — have asked that those statements be suppressed, which would prevent prosecutors from using them in court.
So, they are claiming that they feared losing their jobs, just like brokers interview by the SEC are, and that the police never said that they were target, which the is a tactic that has been ruled legal by the Supreme Court dozens of time.

I do understand that the lawyers for the cops


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