13 February 2013


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This screen shot is from 2002!
Someone took a look at the record, and confirmed that the Tea Party was created by the Koch brothers and big tobacco:
A new academic study confirms that front groups with longstanding ties to the tobacco industry and the billionaire Koch brothers planned the formation of the Tea Party movement more than a decade before it exploded onto the U.S. political scene.

Far from a genuine grassroots uprising, this astroturf effort was curated by wealthy industrialists years in advance. Many of the anti-science operatives who defended cigarettes are currently deploying their tobacco-inspired playbook internationally to evade accountability for the fossil fuel industry's role in driving climate disruption.

The study, funded by the National Cancer Institute of the National Institute of Health, traces the roots of the Tea Party's anti-tax movement back to the early 1980s when tobacco companies began to invest in third party groups to fight excise taxes on cigarettes, as well as health studies finding a link between cancer and secondhand cigarette smoke.
You can see a link to the old web page at the Wayback machine, but I don't recommend it. It's flash hell.

So the Teabaggers are both Koch suckers, and stooges for big tobacco.

Heady brew.


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